Restorative Training

As a chiropractor on Long Island for over twenty years and teaching in the Department of Health and Physical Education, LIU-Post, Dr. Scott has instructed both his patients and students on concepts of dynamic flexibility and exercise tailored towards living a fruitful and healthful life. He strives to make fitness, stability, and wellness thru movement accessible to people of all ages.  He has lectured on the concepts of dynamic warm-up, dynamic  exercises, core strength,  flexibility, and movement science on local and state levels at universities and conferences. It is his hope to continue to educate individuals of all ages on the importance of flexibility, core strength and in the simple and safe  movements that will enhance the vitality within all of us.

Classes are sold utilizing a class card system to keep it flexible for those with busy lifestyles. Teaching in The Studio fosters an inviting atmosphere, no clinking weights, no news programs on the television, no pressure to buy nutrition products, balance/stability assistance, and lots of smiles.

If you miss a class, don’t worry, there are others.

If you go in vacation- no problem. Pick up when you get back.

Stress is a major killer we can use a little less of!

Let’s start the process of getting “you” back.



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